zenith centre

helping the needy ,vulnerable and orphans.  


Zenith centre aims to give love to people who are needy in the society.it was started during post election violence in Kenya . it started by picking young children who were left behind by their parents in fear of death .it is located in Soweto slums east part of Nairobi.the centre is growing to a big institution which is becoming really hard to be managed and it needs help from you all well wishers .by letting our young needy children to a bright future we need to hold hands together.

 VISION -  .OUR VISION IS to give out beautiful place for this children to rest their minds and feel a warmth of being together with family.
         ii  produce a self  reliant citizen who can think creatively ,critically ,inteligence and hard working towards achieving goals in life.

MISSION:  -to provide education to all needy children who are from poor family and needy background to bright future so that they can enjoy their national cake.
          - to keep warm to those who are rejected in the community to achieve their perspective fields in life.and to keep our children out of streets by offering education, care and food .

              As we are bringing up lives of our young children to the brightest future we need beautiful place for this kids to stay ,move ,share and comment.help us to bring home to this young beautiful people.
 2  TEACHERS  Program
        through zenith educational complex we have teachers who need to mold and sharpen this young children age. they need something in their pocket and in zenith we are not able t o provide this.come and join hands in giving this children a support to gain good teachers.

 contact info. If you have any suggestion or comment or you want to join hands with us in assisting this children to bright future .

   Email us .zenithcentre@yahoo.com